Feature comparison

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Feature PhoneLog
for Mac
PhoneLog Pro
for Mac
PhoneLog for
iPhone & iPad
Multiple log support Tick Tick Tick
Full-text searching within call log Tick Tick Tick
Sorting Tick Tick Tick
Convenient time-stamping Tick Tick Tick
Printing Tick Tick Tick
Transferring calls to other logs and applications Tick Tick Tick
Support for more calls per call log   Tick Tick
Call timer   Tick Tick
Contact list support   Tick Tick
Calendar & Reminders support   Tick Tick
Configurable fields   Tick Tick
Configurable categories   Tick Tick
Configurable call statuses   Tick Tick
Priority level & incoming/outgoing flag   Tick Tick
Field autocomplete   Tick Tick
Rich text notes — fonts & styles   Tick  
Links to files in the Finder   Tick  
Links to emails in Mail   Tick  
Links to external webpages   Tick  
Spotlight searching across all call logs   Tick  
Exporting to CSV or Tab-delimited file   Tick Tick
Automatic backups   Tick Tick
Call log syncing   Tick Tick

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(Note: the screenshots and descriptions refer to only the Mac version — see the iPhone & iPad page for screenshots from the iPad version.)